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Hardwork - peer correction

Hardwork - peer correction - Sigaran H Joseth Sigaran...

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Sigaran Joseth Sigaran Professor J Lynch English 1 4 September 2011 Hard Work Opening my eyes, I am greeted by nothing but darkness. I rose from my bed using every muscle in my body to make my way to the bathroom. As the warm water hits my face, I realize my day has already started. Today it started quite early because I went to work with my father. My father is a man of great wisdom and who has felt more pain than anyone I had ever known in my whole entire life. I can remember the time when my grandfather died the day before my fathers birthday. My dad always told me “Men don’t cry”, I guess rules are meant to be broken because that was the only time I have ever seen my father cry so hard in my life. After eating me and my dad waited outside for our first bus. There he told me that “Many people, including myself, went through hell to come to this country in order to have a decent life, but after we come here we must work in order to maintain and support our families.”
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