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EnglishPaper 1-ClarissaRomo

EnglishPaper 1-ClarissaRomo - Romo1 Clarissa Romo Professor...

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Romo1 Clarissa Romo Professor John Lynch English 1 6 September 2011 “A Hand Out For a Hand Up” Growing up I never knew what it was like to be poor, I knew it existed in faraway places and I didn’t understand why if they did not like living that way they didn’t just leave. This was way before I understood the immigration system and how unjust the laws were. Who knew a summer vacation would turn into a reality check for me. My parents provided me with everything I ever wanted. I got to a point where I realized that I just wasn’t happy, nor did I desire anything materialistic. During the summer of 2005, my dad decided that we should go visit my grandparents in Jalisco, México. According to them I’ve visited them before in my younger years which I didn’t recall, so to me it was like a new experience. At first I wasn’t so enthusiastic about it because I would soon be disconnected from the world without my cell phone, or my computer. I stepped out of the airport and inhaled fresh crisp air that I wasn't
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