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Ramirez, Peer Edited - Ramirez, Talia Professor Lynch...

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Ramirez, Talia Professor Lynch English 1 5 September 2011 A Different Me It was the first week of my freshman year, I was sitting in my history class trying not to fall asleep when suddenly the announcement speaker comes on. They had started to talk and suddenly bored the entire class with the same announcements from the day before, the only new announcement was about the upcoming cheerleading try-outs. My ear quickly picked it up and being a cheerleader crossed my mind that entire day. That day I went home with the information on the try outs and told my mom that I would be trying out, my brothers quickly responded and found it strange that I would decide to be a cheerleader! Today was finally the day of our school’s cheerleading tryouts and guess just who will be attending!? Yes, me! I remember as if it were yesterday, school had just ended and a group of friends and I were heading to the gym. I remember the girls were full of excitement as was I, but deep down I felt as if I had been misplaced. I thought to myself, “What am I doing here, these girls are future cheerleaders and I have got no team spirit!”
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This note was uploaded on 10/01/2011 for the course ENGLISH 01 taught by Professor Canada during the Spring '11 term at UCSB.

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Ramirez, Peer Edited - Ramirez, Talia Professor Lynch...

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