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Lopez's peer correction by Savitskaya

Lopez's peer correction by Savitskaya - My First Job As I...

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My First Job As I was on my way to my math class on a Monday morning I received a call from somebody named Ashley. “Hi Adriana this is Ashley calling to ask you if you were still interested in a job interview” I immediately answered “Yes I am still interested.” I did not think about my answer twice I was looking for a job for a while now and I was not going to let this opportunity go. Ashley said she had an opening for that day right when my math class started. The only thought that came to my mind was “If I miss class today I will be missing the review for next week’s exam” that only meant one thing, I had to study extra hard on my own for that exam. I rushed back home to change into formal clothes as I was wearing jeans and a shirt and that would not have been very appropriate for an interview. On my way home I called my mentor Sam “I got a job interview for later today!” I was so excited because this was my first interview ever that I didn’t even say good morning. “That’s great!” he said. I didn’t know how I was
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