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BIOL211#17 (1) - Chapter 17 Gene Interaction Some...

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1 Chapter 17 Complex Patterns of Inheritance Gene Interaction Some inheritance patterns are difficult, if not impossible, to predict based solely on Mendel’s laws of inheritance All, or nearly all, traits are influenced by many genes Gene interaction – A single character is controlled by two or more genes, each of which has two or more alleles Epistasis Polygenic inheritance Epistasis – The alleles of one gene mask the expression of the alleles of another gene – Discovered by Bateson and Punnett in the early 1900’s when studying sweet peas Epistasis Figure 17.1 Epistasis
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2 Discrete traits are “either or” traits Quantitative traits vary in a population along a continuum Usually indicates polygenic inheritance – An additive effect of two or more genes on a single phenotypic character Polygenic inheritance Figure 17.2 Linkage and Recombination Some inheritance patterns do not conform to the law of independent assortment First discovered by Bateson and Punnett Mechanisms determined by Thomas Hunt Morgan Bateson and Punnett Figure 17.2 Thomas Hunt Morgan was the first scientist to associate a specific gene with a specific chromosome
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BIOL211#17 (1) - Chapter 17 Gene Interaction Some...

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