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1 Chapter 54 Ecology and Biomes Ecology is the study of interactions among and between organisms and their environments Interactions occur at a hierarchy of scales, from organismal to global Biotic interactions Interactions among organisms Abiotic interactions Interactions between organisms and their nonliving environment The Scale of Ecology Organismal ecology Population ecology Community ecology Ecosystem ecology Organismal ecology Studies how an organism’s physiology (physiological ecology), and behavior (behavioral ecology) meet the challenges of its environment Humpback Whale Population ecology Studies the factors that affect population size and how and why it changes over time Includes the study of species interactions Deer Mice
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2 Population ecology Introduced or exotic species Include organisms that are intentionally or accidentally relocated from their original distribution Can spread aggressively and crowd out native organisms (invasive species) Kudzu Kudzu Kudzu Kudzu Distribution Community ecology Studies how populations interact and form functional communities Rain Forest
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