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1 Chapter 57 Species Interactions Populations are linked by species interactions Competition Competition May be intraspecific (between individuals of the same species), or interspecific (between individuals of different species) Competition May be exploitation or interference competition Figure 57.2 Competition (-/-) may occur when individuals of different species compete for a limited resource(s) The competitive exclusion principle states that two species competing for the same limiting resource(s) cannot coexist in the same niche However, ecologically similar species can coexist in a community if there are one or more significant differences in their niches
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2 Resource partitioning Figure 57.7 Predation, Herbivory, Parasitism Have a positive effect for one species and a negative effect for the other Classified according to their lethality and duration of interaction Predation, herbivory, and parasitism Figure 57.9 Predation (+/-) is an interaction where one species (predator) kills and eats the other species (prey)
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