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substance abuse - M at t Bohlmann HS 110 9/12/2011...

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Matt Bohlmann HS 110 9/12/2011 Substance Abuse on Campus Substance abuse is very common at college campuses across the United States. I personally have seen the abuse of alcohol this past Saturday while tailgating before the Iowa versus Iowa State football game. There were groups of people around the stadium who have been drinking alcohol since 7:30 P.M. the on Friday. Some of the people around me had so much to drink they either passed out or were stumbling all over the place, running into tent poles, cars and people. I personally dislike the abuse of alcohol because when you do get intoxicated you lose your inhibitions and common sense. When you lose both common sense and your inhibitions you can get you self in serious trouble or get injured. For example when someone loses their common sense they will disregard their safety and keep drinking or be more susceptible to peer pressure. In some cases people full victims to the pressure and drink so much, so fast that the alcohol level hits them hard and
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substance abuse - M at t Bohlmann HS 110 9/12/2011...

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