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10/03/2011 Introduction to African History Education for the Gikuyu  Education is life-long; starts from birth and continues until death Education changes as you grow from one age group to another; development Education from childhood up until death is to develop personal relations; make you a  person that “fits” into the social system; about individual development and to help  you rise in the social ladder 1. Individualism (anti-Gikuyu); Anything you learn or do, you are supposed to  share it; no self-promotion (considered to be anti-social behavior) Place (there is a station in life for you from birth to death and you are to act in that  stage until you develop and move from one age group to another) 1. Responsibility and Respect (children respect adults, and adults respect the 
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Unformatted text preview: elders) For Westerners, this is why Africans do not develop because they don’t change things and everyone is do the same thing according to each age group Being alone is unknown in Gikuyu society. To be asked to “be alone” would be very strange for them. Initiation • Circumcision of male and females; The U.N. has been fighting for African countries to end female circumcision and declare it illegal, and it is now illegal in every African country but the practice may still be happening. • The older women sponsor the person that does the circumcision for the females, and the opposite for the males. • No one will marry a female who has not been circumcised in their proper age group through the initiation, and vice versa....
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