Week 3_Ethics MMR Autism

Week 3_Ethics MMR Autism - Feb. 1996 MMR Scandal - Dr....

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Discussion points References Jan. 1994 An anti-vaccine group, JABS, alleges that MMR vaccination causes brain damage and other problems in children. Feb. 1996 JABS solicitor (i.e. lawyer), Richard Barr, employs Dr. Andrew Wakefield, to pursue a lawsuit against MMR manufacturers. Jul. 1996 The first 3-year-old boy with autism is admitted for research to try to show a link with MMR. The boy is recruited by anti-MMR-vaccine campaigners. 1. Sampling bias: The boy was recruited through an interested party. 1. Chap. 1 (Babbie p. 7) Selective observation; Chap. 2 (Wilkins p. 17) What is the purpose of the research? Oct. 1996 Based on the result of this single case, Wakefield starts writing a draft report regarding vaccine scare. ~1998 publication Twelve children who are involved in the research based on Wakefield's theory are found to have intestinal abnormalities and developmental regression beginning one to 14 days after MMR vaccination. Nine out of 12 children who previously received MMR vaccination are found to have autism. 1. Disclosure of conflicintg interests: The research is supported with a £55000 grant from the UK's Legal Aid Board. Wakefield also receives personal payments from Barr to conduct this research. These funding sources are not publicly disclosed. 2
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Week 3_Ethics MMR Autism - Feb. 1996 MMR Scandal - Dr....

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