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Comm 200 Theory Critique or Extension Paper

Comm 200 Theory Critique or Extension Paper - Comm 200...

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Comm 200 Theory Critique or Extension Paper (150 points) For this paper, you are asked to choose one specific theory from the textbook or from lecture. You may choose another communication theory from outside class, but should only do that after getting instructor/TA permission. You are NOT to choose a meta-theory for this assignment; instead, focus on theories from chapters 5-29 of the textbook. You will write a 4-page paper that explains the basics of this theory and then either critiques or extends that theory. Regardless of the theory, your work will have these two main sections (review of theory and then either critique or extension). For papers critiquing a theory, you should begin with a brief introduction and then do a brief review of the main part of the theory. Next, identify 2-3 concerns/problems with the theory that limit it based on accepted criteria for “good” theory. It should be clear from your critique why you see these problems (though you need not solve those problems here). Describe and provide evidence/reasoning for each of these critiques. It is okay to draw somewhat on others’
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