driftandstructuration - Kelsey Brozek “Drift” and...

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Unformatted text preview: Kelsey Brozek “Drift” and Structuration 9/27/11 Structuration is defined as treating the influences of structure and agency equally. It is the acceptance that all humans act within the context of a pre-existing social structure which is governed by a set of norms that are distinct from those of other social structures. Change can occur in structuration as a result of two different structures combining together, the unpredictability of cases to which the theory can be applied, many different levels of study/ resources that are used in the gathering of information, to name a few. It can also change often due to the agency component; agents are constantly acting out of their norms and accepted practices (Miller, & O'Leary, 1993) Change or new practices within structuration are defined as a set path that an organization, or an individual, should attempt to follow in order to reach their objective. Change, as defined by structuration does not recognize the inevitable randomness that those corporations...
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driftandstructuration - Kelsey Brozek “Drift” and...

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