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Brozek 1 Kelsey Brozek Yulia Levchenko English 180 9/22/11 The Final Thesis Redefined My first thought upon being assigned paper went like this, “I’ve read plenty of short stories, and surely one of them will suffice.” My final thought on this paper goes a little something like this, “Who would have thought this assignment would change the very path I want my life to take?” You see, I am graduating at the end of this semester. I am an Accounting major and have never been one for emotions or analyzing anything but balance sheets and year end financials. I have always been one for money, one for success and along with the protagonist of Tuesdays with Morrie I lost my values somewhere along the way (Albom). The story I chose was Tuesdays with Morrie, and I chose it for no specific reason at all. I had heard about the story from my father, someone I have come consider to be a lot like the character Morrie, he has been suggesting it to all of us children for as long as I can remember. As this is the first enjoyable class I have taken in the last four years, and I genuinely mean that, I was feeling advantageous and wanted to read something new. I will admit that initially I regretted this decision. Let me provide some background information, I have been on a set path since I came to Lincoln 4 years ago. That path is fairly simple, I told myself to focus (check), prioritize (check), excel (check) and graduate early (check). Upon completion of Tuesdays with Morrie , I experienced a feeling I am none too familiar with: regret. After I read this story, I know there is more. There is a chance to look back and see much more than money, much more than success. I want to strive for what Morrie teaches throughout the book, inner peace amidst the outer world (Albom). The protagonist is defined as that character that develops the most throughout the story. I found it difficult to differentiate between the two main characters, Morrie and Mitch, in choosing who the protagonist was. Morrie is Mitch’s professor, or was, many years ago during their years at Brandeis University. He has developed ALS and is deteriorating throughout the story, but is simultaneously ensuring that his story lives on. Mitch was the chosen student during his collegial years, “one of the good ones” as Morrie put it. But along the inevitable path of life, he lost the very characteristics that proved his strength, he became obsessed with the profit and he lost touch with his beloved professor. Mitch also lost touch with himself, something that I can relate to all too well (Albom). On the same note, Morrie is undergoing inexplicable change. Throughout the story, Morrie develops, suffers with and dies from ALS. However, his character remains intact; in his
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Brozek 2 final moments he is still teaching Mitch, still professing his wisdom and sharing it with as many people as he possibly can. Through a death that spanned almost a year, through unfathomable pain and suffering, Morrie never resented the disease. Morrie never got angry or lashed out, he
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english1 - B rozek 1 Kelsey Brozek Yulia Levchenko English...

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