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PEER REVIEW Faludi, Siebert and Gladwell In examining the core practice of the “fourth-class system” at the Citadel, Susan Faludi argues that this process of making Whole Men “requires an initial stage of infantilization” (Faludi 207). As this process infers a kind of de-construction of an original identity, it seems that life at the Citadel is rooted in the formation and creation of a new identity from the ground-up. In different ways, Malcolm Gladwell, Charles Siebert and Susan Faludi all show that identity is constructed from the ground up and then tested/broken down by different factors. Using the three texts to support your thesis argue: how is identity specifically constructed, and subsequently, what societal elements test or break it down? 1. Add your name to RD. 2. Rephrase the paper’s thesis in your own words and answer the following: 3. Does any part of the writer’s thesis restate Faludi’s thesis? 4. Does any part of the writer’s thesis restate Siebert’s thesis?
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Peer+Review+3-Reverse+Paragraph - PEER REVIEW Faludi,...

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