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Peer Review-Citation Work Be honest and specific with your comments. False compliments will not improve a paper . Find a partner with whom you have not yet worked. As always, first read the thesis. Restate the thesis Does it appear in one sentence and at the end of the first paragraph? Is it arguable? Does it ask how and why? Is it a restatement of Chua or Faludi? Does it respond to the essay assignment? Fact Quote: A citation that delivers only factual information. This kind of citation does not further the thesis of the paper, but is only included to fulfill the RU writing program citation requirement. A fact quote make the paragraph overly simple because even if the citation is relevant, it is a mere statement of facts. A FQ should be eliminated. Student Example: Poor minorities in the Philippines struggle to make ends meet and “live on less than $2 a day” (Chua 126). Idea Quote : A citation that furthers the thesis of the paper. Without this citation, it would be difficult for the writer to prove his thesis.
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Peer+Review+4-2nd+version - Peer Review-Citation Work Be...

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