Surviving+Your+Writing+Program+Course - Surviving Your...

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Unformatted text preview: Surviving Your Writing Program Course Spring 2010 At Rutgers, you must complete 101 (Expos) with a grade of C or better, which might mean taking an intermediary course (098 or 100, for example) before you tackle 101. Since the Writing Program emphasizes writing, reading, and thinking skills that are essential to success at Rutgers and beyond, our courses are very demanding. How do you deal with this? You practice reading, writing, and thinking about reading and writing with your instructor and classmates (1) during class, (2) during Office Hours, (3) outside of class with a tutor, and (4) on your own. This is the best formula for passing Writing Program classes. Your instructor, classmates, and tutor will give you all the feedback that you need in order to improve your writing (and your grade). You must take the responsibility for incorporating this feedback into your own work. Our grading criteria are strict but you have easy access to them on our website:...
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Surviving+Your+Writing+Program+Course - Surviving Your...

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