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5 Part Quote AKA: Taking a quote for a ride Or ( how many weary driving references will she make?) Here are two times I am going to change lanes without indicating: 1. It is not correct to refer to a citation as “the quote”. Actually the correct way is to say, “Why are you using this citation?” Not “Why are you using this quote?” This also could be corrected by saying “Why are you using this quotation?” However, as you will hear in class, I often forget to do this. For the most part I remember this rule when I write. But you should know the correct and incorrect way to use this phrase. 2. Although it is correct in MLA style to leave out the author’s name when you use it before you begin your citation, FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS CLASS, I am going to insist that you include the name of the author each and every time you write a citation . [e.g. Gladwell argues that “small changes in context”(Gladwell 248 ), can play a major role in determining whether an idea take off or disappears without a trace ]. Although it is correct to leave out Gladwell’s name in the parenthesis, it is not wrong to include it. When you use computers to write your papers, often there is a page break when you do not expect it. If the citation starts on one page and ends at the top of another, then it
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taking+the+quote+for+a+ride - 5 Part Quote AKA: Taking a...

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