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Unformatted text preview: On the Eve of Globalization On GLOBALIZATION PAST Mid-15th to mid-20th c, Europeanization of world most powerful political, economic and social force Pre-15th c, Islam more dynamic cultural and political force Mediterranean World central to both developments EXPLORATION Mid-15th c : Re-populaton of Europe leads to productivity and expansion Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal Prince Exploration of “two Africas” (Muslim North vs West Africa) Exploration LONG-DISTANCE TRADE AND COLONIZATION Need for new economic and political institutions Need Innovations in printing and mapmaking Innovations Spanish take lead from 1492 on Spanish Collision of Europe, Africa, Americas Collision Aztec and Inca empires in Americas hold gold, silver and power Europeans bring germs, steel weapons and horses FROM CONQUEST TO COLONIZATION Effects of Spanish conquest on European ideas and economy Competition from Holland, France and England European Visions of America c. 1600 Exploration Exploration A Mediterranean World The Crusades The The Black Death by Brueghel The Prince Henry the Navigator Prince The “Guinea Coast” The III. Long Distance III. Trade and Colonization Why 1492? Why Spanish Conquests (from a German engraving) German Hernando De Soto Hernando Florida 1539 Spain in the Americas Spain Dutch Traders The French in Canada The English Villages in No. America English European Visions c. 1590 European ...
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