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4.+Early+Settlement%2C+Colonies+and+Conflict - Early...

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Unformatted text preview: Early Settlement: Colonies and Conflicts Conflicts Settling New England Pilgrims and Puritans Puritan Believers and Dissenters Conflicts with Indians Pequot War, 1636-37 Narragansett War, 1675-76 Unfree Labor Indentured Servitude, Redemptioners, Criminals Resistance to Unfree Labor (South and North) Poplar Springs (1663) & Bacon’s (1676) Rebellions Salem Witch Trials, 1692 Plymouth, Massachusetts Plymouth, 1620 English housing Pequot housing Great Puritan Migration Great 1630s Massachusetts Bay Colony Massachusetts Boston Puritan Beliefs Puritan A wrathful God that knows everything All humans are sinners Predestination A community that scrutinized each other for signs of faith Roger Williams Roger 1633-35 Anne Hutchinson Anne 1634-36 Pequot War 1636-1637, Etching from London, 1638 from Captivity Narratives: Captivity Mary Rowlandson Massachusetts Bay Colony Seal 1676 1676 Unfree labor to mid-1660s Unfree Forms of Unfree Labor Forms Indians—generally unsuccessful Criminals Political Exiles (Irish and Scotch) Orphans and Apprentices Redemptioners (2-4 years in exchange for Redemptioners partial passage) partial Indentured Servants (5-7 years in exchange for Indentured full passage full Enslaved Africans and West Indians Legacies of Violent Control, Etching, Paris, 1698 Etching, Bacon’s Rebellion 1675-76 Bacon’s Governor William Berkeley Nathaniel Bacon Expansion of Slavery after 1676 Expansion Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692 Salem ...
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