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Unformatted text preview: Life in the Colonies to 1750: Life Labor, Faith and Community Slavery in Carolina and the North Rice Plantations, 1680s-1730s Great Estates and Seaport Cities Stono Rebellion (1739) & NYC Slave Riots Stono (1712,1741) (1712,1741) Labor Relations in the North Northern Yeomen & Household Labor Seaport Cities & Economic Inequalities Religious Tensions and Church Hierarchies Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692 Halfway Covenant, 1730 The Carolinas: Rice & Slavery The Stono Rebels under Attack, 1739 Stono Slavery in the North Slavery Slave Owners become Merchants Van Rensselaer Manor House, c. 1680 1680 Execution of Rebels, NYC, 1741 Execution Prosperous Yeomen Household, c. 1700s 1700s Daily Rounds of Work Daily Childbearing & Women’s Work Childbearing New York City, c. 1770 New Class Relations in North Class Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692 Salem Rev. Cotton Mather, c. 1700 Rev. Creating Church Hierarchies Creating ...
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