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Unformatted text preview: Sex, Gender and Race in the 18th Sex, Century Century Women’s Legal Status in Colonies Marital Partnerships vs Feme Coverte Vulnerability of Poor, Single, African American and Vulnerability Indian women Indian Case Studies William Byrd’s Surveying Expedition, 1728 Sarah Grosvenor/Amasa Sessions Abortion case, Sarah Pomfret, Conn, 1742-47 Pomfret, Spanish conquest of Alta California, 1770s & 1780s Conclusions Marriage as Partnership in Colonial America America Feme Covert Feme According to English Common Law: A husband and wife were legally one, husband and that one was the husband and Three Case Studies Three William Bryd II, Expedition to survey William Virginia-North Carolina Border, 1728 Virginia-North Abortion case in Pomfret Connecticut in Abortion 1740s involving Sarah Grosvenor, Amasa Sessions and Dr. John Hallowell Sessions Spanish conquest of Alta California and Spanish use of sexual violence by Spanish soldiers in 1770s and 1780s Southern Elites: William Byrd II Southern Map from Byrd’s History of the Dividing Line Dividing Byrd’s Official History, recently republished republished Byrd’s handwritten and signed secret diaries and histories secret Pomfret, Connecticut Pomfret, Cast of Characters, 1742 Sarah Grosvenor, 19 and pregnant Amasa Sessions, 28, father of child Zerviah Grosvenor, older sister of Sarah Hannah Grosvernor, Sarah’s cousin Abigail Nightingale, best friend John Hallowell, doctor Dr. William Smellie, image from his surgical text, London, 1792 Testimony of Hannah & Sarah Grosvenor for trial in 1745 Grosvenor Sarah G & Amasa S gravestones, Pomfret, 1742 and 1799 Pomfret, Spanish Missions in Alta California, late 1700s late Catholic Priests and Spanish Soldiers Soldiers Priest attacked near San Diego mission in retaliation for sexual violence, 1775 violence, ...
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