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9.+Articles+to+Constitution - From the Articles to the...

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Unformatted text preview: From the Articles to the Constitution Constitution Fighting for Independence Patriot Defeats after July 4, 1776 Battles of Trenton and Princeton (Dec. 1776) Achieving Victory after six long years (1775-1781) Governing in Revolutionary Times Creating States, Creating a Nation (Articles of Confederation) Peace of Paris (1783); Northwest Ordinance (1787) Postwar Problems (Race, Religion, Debts, Protests) Shay’s Rebellion (1787) Creating and Implementing the U.S. Constitution The Constitutional Convention (1787) Ratification and Implementation (1788) The New U.S. Government (1789) Battle for New York City, 1776 Battle Battle of Princeton, Dec 1776 Battle Recipe for Colonial Victory Recipe Armed Population Knowledge of Land and Resources Distance of British Troops from England British reliance on Indians, African British Americans and Mercenaries (Hessians) Americans Financial support for colonies (American Financial and French) and Defeat of Colonies requires wiping out Defeat colonies colonies Key Aspects of Articles of Confederation, 1781 Confederation, States retain more power than federal States government government Each state has one vote in legislature and Each any state can veto legislation any Executive Council ensures that no Executive individual can become too powerful individual Little power to regulate trade, raise money Little or raise armies or Western Land Claims Western Northwest Territory Northwest Northwest Ordinance, 1787 Northwest Established System to Create New States Established from Territories—New States=Original 13 from Divided Territory into Regions & Townships Set aside land for sale to support schools “Encouraged” fair treatment of Indians Established Freedom of Religion Outlawed Slavery in the Northwest Territory Elizabeth Freeman (Mumbet), 1781 General Washington’s Farewell Address, 1783 Address, Upheaval and Dissent Upheaval • Conspiracies of US residents with Spanish Conspiracies in South & British in New Eng and Canada in • Conflicts with Indians in Northwest Terr • Barbary Pirates off North Africa Coast • Farmers riot in New Eng, Chesapeake, Farmers South Carolina and New Jersey South • Shay’s Rebellion, 1786-88 • Debts, Taxes, Evictions, “Hard Money” Shay’s Rebellion Shay’s The Constitutional Convention The Problems for Framers of New U.S. Constitution Constitution *Question of Representation Small vs Large States Two Legislative Houses (House of Reps by Population & Senate—Equal Number for each state) 3/5 Compromise *Locus of Power Balance of Power between States and Federal Gov Specific Powers to Federal Gov (taxes, armies, interstate Specific commerce); States retain all other powers *Degree of Democracy *Degree Different Degrees for Each Branch of Government House of Reps most democratic; Supreme Ct least Federalists and Anti-Federalists Federalists Ratification Celebrations Ratification Federal Government Convenes in New York City, 1789 New Hamilton/Federalists & Jefferson/Democratic Republicans Jefferson/Democratic ...
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