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12.+American+Expansion+II%2C+Economic - American Expansion...

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Unformatted text preview: American Expansion II American Imperial Ventures & Indian Wars Imperial War of 1812 (Treaty of Ghent, 1814) Andrew Jackson & Battle of New Orleans, 1815 Economic Expansion Technology: The Cotton Gin (1793) The Multiplier Effect Other Technological Developments Agricultural Innovation & Slavery Spread of Cotton; Spread of Slavery Internal Slave Trade The Missouri Compromise, 1820 The Panic of 1819 & U.S. Boom and Bust Cycles Tecumseh & Tenskatawa Tecumseh Burning of Washington, DC 1814 Burning General Andrew Jackson General Hero of New Orleans Cotton Gin 1793 Cotton Slater’s Mill, Pawtucket, RI Slater’s TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATSION, 1793-1820 Cotton Gin, 1793 (Eli Whitney) Fully operative cotton spinning mill, 1793 (Samuel Slater) Interchangeable parts (guns), 1798 (Simon North, Eli Whitney) Improved Flour Mill, 1780s & 1790s (various inventors & mechanics) Steam engine perfected, 1802 (Oliver Evans) Successful steamboat run, Clermont, 1807 (Robert Fulton) Power Loom for weaving constructed in U.S., 1811 (Francis Cabot) Spinning Jenny (to spin cotton thread into yarn), perfected 1812-1813 (various inventors and mechanics) Wooden shoe peg (allows mass production of shoes), early 1800s (various) Cast iron plow developed, 1819 (Jethro Wood) Successful food preservation by vacuum packing, 1820 (various) Cotton Production Cotton The spread of Slavery The Missouri Compromise 1820 Missouri Panic of 1819 Panic ...
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