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Unformatted text preview: Westward Expansion & Social Conflicts Conflicts Moving West on the Overland Trail Westward Expansion of United States The Pioneer Experience A Crowded Land: Indians in the West Battles with Mexico The Struggle for Texas Manifest Destiny & the Mexican-Am War The Gold Rush in California Westward Migration Westward Western Territories c. 1820 Western Western Territories, c. 1850 Western The Oregon Trail, 1840s The Conestoga Wagon as Home Conestoga Grave Markers Along Oregon Trail Grave Ferrying the Platte River, 1849 Ferrying Oregon Territory, 1846 Oregon Comanche Indians, 1830s Comanche Claims on Texas, 1830s Claims Election of 1844 Election Party Democrats Candidate Votes James K. Polk 1,338,464 Whigs Whigs Henry Clay Liberty James Birney 1,300,097 62,300 78.9% of voters vote; Polk wins with 49.6% The Mexican American War The U.S. Military Advantages U.S. Vera Cruz Vera News of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Reaches U.S. Hidalgo Gold Rush Gold A Mix of Cultures & Classes Mix ...
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