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Unformatted text preview: From Gettysburg to Union Victory From Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863 Turning Point; Officers; Soldiers Turning Southern Homefront Southern Costs of War (Soldiers; Lizzie Neblett; Slaves) Shortages & Richmond Bread Riot, July 1863 Northern Homefront Women, Labor, and Inflation Federal Legislation: Econ Expan and Restricted Rts African Americans Fight for Freedom Total War, Victory, and Emancipation Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, April 1865 13th Amendment Abolishes Slavery, 1865 Gettysburg: July 1863 Gettysburg: Pickett’s Charge Charge of the PA Reserves, from Confed & Union Perspectives Confederate Dead near Farmhouse Confederate War from Opposing Confederate Perspectives Perspectives Southern Women’s Diary Entry, Richmond,1863 Richmond,1863 “I am for a tidal wave of peace—and I am not am alone. Meantime we are slowly starving to death. Here, in Richmond, if we can afford to give $11 for a pound of bacon, $10 for a small dish of green corn, and $10 for a watermelon, we can have a dinner of three courses for four persons . . . Somebody somewhere is mightily to blame for all this business, but it isn’t you nor I nor yet the women who . . . were only hungry. . . . It is all so awful.” Women Working in the US Treasury Department Treasury Federal Legislation During War Federal Homestead Act (1862) Any citizen or Homestead prospective citizen eligible for 160 acres of land in West for small fee & 5 yrs work land Higher tariffs on manfactured goods Morrill Land Grant Act (1862) Public lands Morrill sold to fund agric, tech & military colleges sold Northern route for transcontinental RR Jesse James, Missouri, c. 1865 Jesse Generals McClelland and Sherman Generals African Americans Fight for Freedom Freedom Escaped Slaves Heading to Union “Contraband” Camp “Contraband” Total War Against the South Total Generals Lee and Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia Appomattox John Wilkes Booth Assassinates Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre Lincoln African American Political Rights African Postswar Constitutional Amendments Amendments 13th Amendment: Abolishes Slavery 14th Amendment: grants citizenship to ex-slaves and guarantees due process in all legal proceedings to assure that the can’t be reproceedings enslaved 15th Amendment: Grants voting rights to Black men – or at least guarantees that voting rights cannot be denied on basis of race. cannot Freedmen’s Bureau Assists Former Slaves Slaves Freedmen’s Bureau Schools Freedmen’s ...
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