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1) From Exam II: Essay question with D-level and A-level answer Question: During and following the American Revolution, citizens of the new United States had to decide how to govern themselves. Political leaders initially approved the Articles of Confederation as the basis for the new government. In 1787, however, a new political structure was adopted, the U.S. Constitution. Analyze the reasons why the Articles were replaced by the Constitution Then, explain how the Constitution’s expansion of federal power helped the government deal with two major problems it faced (Example of a D-level answer—no discussion of the original articles and their weaknesses; no specific examples of ways the federal government tried to raise money or of specific rebellions before or after ratification of the Constitution; no names or dates) The Constitution was very important as the United States was formed. The Constitution helped the country face major problems. It replaced the Articles of Confederation. One of the major problems that the country faced after the American Revolution was money. The country was in debt because it had borrowed so much money from states and individuals to fund the war. The Constitution helped the new government to raise money for the country. Another problem that the country faced was with rebels. Rebels in Pennsylvania did not pay taxes and the government sent an army to stop the rebels and force people to pay taxes. These are the reasons why the Articles needed to be replaced by the Constitution. Erik Rose Essay (Example of an A-level answer; specific examples with dates and names of individuals, events, and policies) The Articles of Confederation were a bold and radical start for the young, 12 independent states, and was essentially the first Constitution. However, the Articles were not enough, for they gave states all the power and gave Congress a power to make decisions but no power to enforce them. With internal conflicts like Shay’s Rebellion, there needed to be a more established government that had more power, and in the Constitution, the government was given the necessary power to enforce taxes to help pay the national debt and organize a militia to quell uprisings. From its inception, the Articles of Confederation was the first Constitution of the country. It gave states sovereignty of government, requiring unanimous support for all policies, and did not allow the government to directly tax the states. Nationalists like Washington and Hamilton criticized the Articles from the beginning, claiming the 13 states needed a stronger government not afforded by the Articles. When Shay’s rebellion broke out in the late 1780’s, it was perfect evidence and ammunition for federalists like Hamilton to insist on a stronger government. Hamilton also argued that if the U.S. was going to deal with the national debt, a more centralized and energetic government must be instituted. Under the Constitution, among other things, the federal government now had the
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AmHist.Sample+Essays - SAMPLE ESSAYS: US Development I 1)...

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