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Review Sheet: US Development I/Exam I (Exam is in VD 211 on Thur, October 7) NO MAKE-UP WITHOUT A WRITTEN EXCUSE Readings for Exam I: Gillon and Matson : Chpts 1, 2, 3 (92-100), 4-6 DAP : “The Evolution of Colonial Chesapeake Society” and “What Really Happened in the Boston Massacre?” WFC : articles by Camilla Townsend, Jennifer Morgan, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Cornelia Hughes Dayton and Antonia Casteñeda (can substitute Paige Raibmon, “Naturalizing Power” from sakai site for Dayton or Casteñeda), and Carole Berkin Discussion Section Topics: Labor and Race in the South The Turning Point to Revolution Form of Exam: In class, 1 hour 20 minutes 4 of 6 Identifications: Identify and explain the historical significance of important people, events, developments (10 points each) 2 of 5 short essays: 2-3 pages on a theme/issue covered in detail through readings, lectures and/or discussion sections Possible Identifications: (6 will be listed on the exam and you write on 4 of them) Long distance trade Transatlantic Slave Trade Moundbuilders Middle Passage Powhatan Confederacy Stono Rebellion Pocahontas Salem Witchcraft Trials Joint Stock company Halfway Covenant
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AmhistReview+Sheet.ex1 - Review Sheet: US Development...

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