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Review Sheet: US Development I/Exam II (Monday, Nov. 3) Readings: Gillon and Matson, Ch. 6, pp. 213-224, Chs. 7 & 8, Ch. 9, 300-336, Chpt 10, 345-363 WFC, Articles by Marla Miller, Paul Johnson, and Theda Perdue DAP, Chapters on “The First American Party System” and “Land, Growth and Justice: Removal of the Cherokees” Discussion Section Topics: Americans Embrace Party Politics (1794 Election in Philadelphia) Democratic Challenges in Jacksonian America (Cherokee Removal) Topics: (Possible Identifications: 4 out of 6) Articles of Confederation Cotton Gin Northwest Ordinance Embargo Act of 1807 Shays’ Rebellion War of 1812 3/5 Compromise Panic of 1819 Alexander Hamilton Erie Canal Whiskey Rebellion Abigail Patch Gradual Emancipation Missouri Compromise Alien and Sedition Acts Monroe Doctrine Election of 1800 American System Marbury v. Madison Election of 1828 Louisiana Purchase Internal Slave Trade THEMES (Possible Short Answer Questions: 2 out of 4) *The Framing of the Constitution & the Battle for its Ratification
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Unformatted text preview: *Economic Conflicts (Shay’s Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion) and their relationship to the development of a stronger federal government (including policies of Federalists like Alexander Hamilton) *The Rise and Development of Political Parties in the United States, 1800-1828 *Democratic-Republican Vision of Limited Government vs. the Reality of Federal Power under Dem-Rep Presidents (provide specific examples) *Economic Development: Technological Innovation, Industry and Transporation, Urban and Frontier Growth from c. 1790s to Panic of 1819 *The Cotton Gin and the Multiplier Effect *The Expansion and Limits of Jacksonian Democracy (Voting Rights, Election of 1824 and 1828, Expansion of Slavery, Cherokee Removal) BE SURE TO INCLUDE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE IN Identifications BE SURE TO PROVIDE INTRODUCTION to your essays and SPECIFIC EXAMPLES to support your argument (This should include exs from WFC and DAP as well as lectures and textbook.)...
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