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Unformatted text preview: Comm 101 – 3/7/11 Language in Communication: Stick and Stones…? (Part 2) Pragmatics We use language to DO things Conversational management turn ­taking organization • One speaker at a time • Turn taking solutions • Projectability o Transition relevance place • Turn ­constructional units • Who is to speak next? o Selecting next speaker o next speaker self ­selects o current speaker continues action sequence organization • adjacency pair o o 5. First Pair Part Second Pair Part Language and Gender o Does language make women invisible? names terms of address generic man/he job titles o Does language put women down (semantic derogation)? Comm 101 – 3/7/11 Example 1 - TG 01 Ava: [<I wan]'dih know if yih got a-uh:m 02 wutchimicawllit. A:: pah(hh)khing place ºth's mornin'.·hh 03 Bee: A pa:rking place, 04 Ava: Mm hm, 05 (0.4) 06 Bee: Whe:re. 07 Ava: t! Oh: just anypla(h)ce? I wz jus' kidding yuh. 08 Bee: Nno?= 09 Ava: =[(ºNo).] 10 Bee: =[W h y ]whhat'sa mattuh with y-Yih sou[nd HA:PPY,] hh 11 Ava: [ Nothing. ] 12 Ava: u- I sound ha:p[py?] 13 Bee: [Yee]uh. 14 (0.3) 15 Ava: No:, 16 Bee: Nno:? 17 Ava: No. 18 (0.7) 19 Bee: ·hh You [sound sorta] cheer[ful?] 20 Ava: [º(Any way).] [·hh ] How'v you bee:n. Example 2: club-bar 1 C: An you went to a: uh (0.9) ah you went to a ba:r? (in) Boston 2 (0.6) iz that correct? 3 (1.0) 4 W: It’s a clu:b. Example 3 01 Jim: Did they do that old trick with the 02 basketball where they putta (0.4) 03 Ken: String around it Example 4 01 Dan: Well I do know last week thet=uh Al was 02 certainly very (0.5) 03 Rog: Pissed off Example 5 01 Desk: 02 Caller: 03 Desk: 04 Caller: What is your last name [Loraine. [Dinnis. What? Dinnis. Example 6 01 A: Uh you been down here before [havenche 02 B: [Yeh. 03 A: Where the sidewalk is? 04 B: Yeah, ...
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