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Unformatted text preview: Comm 101 – 3/9 & 3/21/11 A picture is worth a thousand words?  ­ Nonverbal Communication 1. 2. 3. Some characteristics of nonverbal communication – True or False? ?? Nonverbal communication is rule ­governed. ?? You can read a person like a book. ?? Nonverbal signals convey the same meanings in different situations. ?? Nonverbal communication does not vary across cultures. What is nonverbal communication? Nonverbal communication designates all those human responses which are NOT described as overtly manifested in words (either spoken or written). (Knapp) Kinds of nonverbal communication 3.1 Proxemics: Use of space • communication environment • territoriality • personal space • • • • intimate conversations: casual conversations: informal/business conversations: public conversations: 3.2 Haptics: Use of touch 3.3 Kinesics: body movements • body orientation and posture • eye gaze • gestures • emblems • illustrators • baton signals • tie ­signs • adaptors 3.4 Facial expressions 3.5 Body & Appearance • Physique  ­ stereotypes associated with body type o endomorph o mesomorph o ectomorph • dress & artifacts 3.6 Chronemics: use of time timing timelines 3.7 Paralanguage 4. Relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication repeat; contradict; substitute for; complement; accent; regulate ...
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