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exec_sample report_bw (2)

exec_sample report_bw (2) - Boss Kim Xu Chris Sample ABC...

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The PROFILOR® is an instrument developed to provide feedback and development focus and recommendations to individuals about their skill strengths and development needs. It should not be used as the sole source of information concerning selection, promotion, salary review and adjustment, dehiring (firing) and/or deselection decisions. Chris Sample ABC Company The PROFILOR for Executives May 2004 Copyright © 1991, 2004 by Personnel Decisions International Corporation. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be reproduced in whole or in part and in any media without written permission from Personnel Decisions International. Boss: Kim Xu Report ID: 23425 The PROFILOR/PDI
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Chris Sample_2 INTRODUCTION The PROFILOR Feedback Report gives you information about your skills based on the questionnaires sent to the people you asked to complete the PROFILOR questionnaire. This report gives you information that’s often difficult to get because its feedback is: Anonymous (with the exception of boss ratings), and therefore more likely to be frank and honest than face-to-face feedback. Comprehensive, in that it can come from people within and outside your work group. Specific and job related, thereby providing a clear understanding of strengths and development needs. The following brief descriptions will help you get the most from the different sections of your Feedback Report. For further explanation, refer to the key at the bottom of each page of your Feedback Report. IMPORTANCE SUMMARY This section compares how you rated the importance of the skill areas for your current job with similar ratings from your boss(es). These ratings help you determine which skill areas are most critical for your job. By comparing the ratings of your boss(es) with your ratings, you will be able to get a good sense of similarities or differences in perceptions of importance between you and your boss(es). SKILLS OVERVIEW This section provides the results of your self-ratings and your respondents’ ratings. This information shows you how your self-perceptions compare to the perceptions of others. Large differences are indicated in the discrepancy column (DISC). An arrow pointing to the right means you may be overestimating your skill compared to how others view you; an arrow pointing to the left means you may be underestimating. PERSPECTIVE COMPARISONS This section displays the ratings you received from the different groups of your respondents. SPECIFIC QUESTION RESULTS This section reports the ratings you received from each respondent group for each question on the PROFILOR. This more detailed feedback can help you understand the different impact you may have with different groups and give you specific direction in planning your development.
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exec_sample report_bw (2) - Boss Kim Xu Chris Sample ABC...

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