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Final Exam Training Review - Understanding outcomes of...

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Training and Development Final Exam Review - Exam will be the entire text in Effective Training and Development, Noe. Emphasis, however, will be on the following topics mostly contained in Chapters 6-13 and discussed in class: Understanding of lectures and their application Understanding Coaching and Mentoring concepts Description of role play/skill practice Application of Computer Based training Social Learning Theory concepts and application Effective trainer characteristics Understanding the input, output and development phase of training Effective set-up of training areas Intent of trial runs How to evaluate training programs
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Unformatted text preview: Understanding outcomes of Kirkpatrick measurement model Understanding internal and external validity related to training Application of cost benefit and cost effectiveness evaluation Understanding Training Methods Definition of eLearning Aspects of Employee Development (the Adversity and Diversity formula) Definition of careers and importance to an organization Key elements of succession planning (the exercise we did in class related to designing a group/peer meeting to discuss talent) Key points/topics from in-class group presentations which was highlighted following each team presentation...
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