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Audience Analysis for Interview Role Play: ( 1 pg, single spaced) Remember to talk about the company and job; don’t address it. To analyze means to discuss and interpret, so if you are unsure, guess at some unknown specifics by reading the website carefully and drawing a logical conclusion. 1) What is the culture of this company? What sort of beliefs or philosophy does it try to portray internally and externally? Is it conservative or progressive, casual or formal? Does it project a serious, hard-working culture, or a laid-back, easy-going one, or a combination of things? (be specific) 2) What do you think this company expects of its personnel on a human relations level? What sort of person is likely to do well in this company? Is
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Unformatted text preview: this type of person a “natural” part of your personality, or would you have to work at it? What would make it hard or easy to work for this company? 3) As far as skills and talent, what does this company expect for this position? What skills do you already have and what will you need to acquire? What talents do you have now that could help you acquire future skills? 4) List some specific questions you could expect from management. How would these questions exemplify the company’s philosophy or style? List some questions you could ask that would show your knowledge of the company....
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