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BWE: Proposal Problem Analysis: Name:________________________ STEP I: In groups of 4-5, go around and read your business problem article to the other members. The group should discuss the problem using the criteria below. STEP II: When everyone has read examples, vote on the problem that would make the best project proposal. Decide this by discussing if there is a solution to this problem. A problem for which you can grasp a solution is a good choice for a project. STEP III: Elect a group leader who will report to the class. The report should include a description of the problem, a summary of the group’s discussion, and a brief answer to the 5 P’s below. I: PROBLEM: Give a description of the problem? Would others easily regard it as a problem? (why or why not?) How can you fully describe this problem to others? II: PEOPLE: Who is affected by this problem? What specific population has the immediate effects of this problem? Who else might be affected directly or indirectly?
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Unformatted text preview: Who would be willing to fund your idea and why? Does someone have an outside interest in your problem? III: PARADIGM: What disciplines, and therefore databases (marketing, education, health, music, technology, etc.) would help look at this problem? What fields of study might discuss this problem? Consider research that would explain the problem, describe the problem, discuss the population affected, or provide a solution to the problem? How can such questions be framed for the librarian’s help? IV: PLAN: How might the solution to this problem be carried out? ? What is the specific course of action? Who will carry out this plan? What materials, resources or assistance are needed? You can list steps. V: PRICE: Give a preliminary idea of the cost of this project, based on how many people are needed to carry it out, materials, and space/place. Is this cost reasonable? Will any of this cost be returned after the problem is solved?...
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