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Quiz Chap 8 - 7 How does the indirect pattern of...

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BWE: QUIZ FOR CHAP 8: 1) When should you choose to write a memo for a business message rather than a formal letter? _______________________________________________(278) 2) You especially want to have a face-to-face meeting with a business associate if you are planning to initiate what? _________________________________(279) 3) True or False: To achieve an appropriate conversational style for your correspondence, you should imagine your reader sitting across from you (281) 4) Regarding writing style, if you want to build good-will when using the “you” viewpoint, whose needs should you emphasize when writing? _____(282) 5) “Submit your answer in one week” shows what sort of tone when writing? (283) 6) When do you use an “indirect” organization pattern for your correspondence? (283)_______________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: __ 7) How does the indirect pattern of organization differ from the direct pattern of organization? (hint: in two ways!) (283-284). 8) Name TWO things openings should accomplish when writing most workplace correspondence. _______________________________________(288) 9) There are two times when you should not state the main point first in business correspondence. What are they? ____________________________(289) 10) When writing an email as a form of business correspondence, name TWO rules of Netiquette you should observe:______________________________(296) 11) The standard heading for a memo includes four lines. What are they? (304). 12) True or False: Headings, bullets and other organizing features allow business correspondence to provide emphasis and foster clarity. (303)....
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Quiz Chap 8 - 7 How does the indirect pattern of...

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