Expos101Syllabus-1 - English 101 Expository Writing ENGLISH...

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English 101: Expository Writing ENGLISH 355:101:KD M/W 5:00-6:20 Lucy Stone Hall B111 Instructor: John MacNeill Miller E-mail Address: [email protected] Office Hours: Lucy Stone B-108 W 6:40pm-8:00pm (or by appointment) Course Description and Goals Expository Writing is a course designed to teach you how to interpret, analyze, and produce writing effectively. Over the course of the semester we will read a number of texts that grapple with concerns of pressing importance in twenty-first-century America. We will examine both the readings and our reactions to them through writing, conversation, and peer reviews of student work. Ultimately, the aim of this course is to help students read deeply, think critically, and write interpretively, creating independent arguments that synthesize multiple sources—necessary skills for any student who wishes to be successful in college and beyond. Required Texts Miller and Spellmeyer, The New Humanities Reader, 3 rd Edition Kirszner and Mandell, The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook, 4 th Edition Selected student papers to demonstrate and correct errors, or as models of strong writing Course Requirements Read : Seven selections from
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Expos101Syllabus-1 - English 101 Expository Writing ENGLISH...

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