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Frame and Case: Gladwell and Postrel For the last paper, you were asked to think about how “surface” and “substance” might allow us to rethink the ideas of human happiness found in our readings. In this exercise, Postrel will function as a “case,” rather than a conceptual “frame.” You will try to read Postrel’s examples through Gladwell’s concepts, working to figure out how Gladwell might provide us with different ways of thinking about Postrel’s subjects. As always, note the page numbers of any examples you pick. The Fundamental Attribution Error If this is the mistake of attributing a person’s actions or decisions to their essential
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Unformatted text preview: “character,” does anyone in Postrel’s piece make that mistake? The Power of Context What actions and decisions in Postrel’s piece might be attributed to specific contexts in which they occur? What examples of immediate, sensory context are there in Postrel? The Law of the Few Are there any examples of extremely powerful or charismatic people in Postrel? Do they seem to affect decisions made by others? The Stickiness Factor Are there any ideas or messages that tend to proliferate through Postrel’s piece because of their alluring appearances or content?...
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FrameAndCase_gladwellpostrel - “character,” does anyone...

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