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Thinking Through Postrel - values. 2.) Who is Postrel...

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Thinking Through Postrel On a separate sheet of paper, please answer the following questions to get some ideas down about Virginia Postrel’s “Surface and Substance.” As always, try to include page numbers wherever possible. 1.) What kinds of things does Postrel say are labeled “surface,” and what kinds of things are labeled “substance,” in “Surface and Substance”? Try to name at least three examples of “surface” qualities or values, and three examples of “substance” qualities or
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Unformatted text preview: values. 2.) Who is Postrel writing against ? In other words, what groups of thinkers does she specifically try to rebut, and why? 3.) When Postrel talks about the massive debate about the cosmetics worn by Katherine Harris and Al Gore (p. 470), what is she trying to say? 4.) According to Postrel, what is the point of aesthetic variety? 5.) What did you think was the most confusingor, for that matter, the weakestpart of Postrels argument?...
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