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Writing Topic Sentences: An Exercise The following clusters of sentences each have a main idea, but it needs to be expressed clearly in a topic sentence to convert them from summary into meaningful analysis. With your group, determine what the main idea is, and write a topic sentence for each cluster. 1.) Before self-esteem became a problem, “humans barely had a concept of self at all,” because structures larger than the individual determined human behavior: “[A]ctions [were] dictated by strict religious standards” (Twenge 757). Luhrmann says that at Horizon, “sermons talk of . . . a long-term process of ‘dying to self’ so that gradually and with difficulty you learn to put God’s desires above your own” (397).
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Unformatted text preview: 2.) Twenge writes that [t]raditional religion . . . did have qualifications and rules for behavior (766). New age religions, however, operate according to the same unconditional self-esteem emphasized in secular school programs (Twenge 766). Horizon Church members are characterized by the way they all had a wild ride through drugs, sex, alcohol, and depravity, after which [t]hey accepted Christ . . . and were filled with love, acceptance, and forgiveness (Luhrmann 401). As Luhrmann says, [T]he message of the narrative is clear: I was lost, so deeply lost, so lost that no one could love meand then God did, and I was found (402)....
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