Expos+Grading+Criteria - Simplified Grading Criteria for...

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Simplified Grading Criteria for Expository Writing 101 For the complete criteria, see http://wp.rutgers.edu/ THESIS WORK WITH ASSIGNED TEXT ORGANIZATION PRESENTATION NP No thesis in evidence i Thesis buried in summary i Little or no relation between the texts and thesis i A paper may not pass if it does not show significant revision from the rough draft to the final draft i Poor reading comprehension or misinterpretation i Lacks meaningful connection between texts or with the student’s own position i Privileges student’s ideas i Weak use of textual evidence i Over-generalizes about the text i Little coherence from paragraph to paragraph i Lacks organizational structure i Weak use of paragraphs, with few or no clear topic sentences i Sentence-level errors impede meaning i Patterns of error i Failure to proofread i Serious errors in citation conventions C Thesis emerges at the end of the paper from discussion of the text i Takes clear position at least once i Thesis may be vague or somewhat
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Expos+Grading+Criteria - Simplified Grading Criteria for...

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