Final+Exam+Study+Questoins - affect the environment?...

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Expos Final Exam Study Guide Study Questions: 1.  What are the possible effects of eliminating struggles in society? Authors:  Gregory Stock, Oliver Sacks, Susan Faludi 2. Will free will help us decide what is morally right and what is morally wrong with  GCT? Authors:  Gregory Stock, Malcolm Gladwell, Oliver Sacks 3. Given the option of being able to choose genetic enhancements or natural  reproduction, in the end which option will be more beneficial to society? Authors:  Gregory Stock, Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Faludi 4. The environment affects the choices that we make and the kind of a person we  become, but how would using GCT to choose the kind of person that you are 
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Unformatted text preview: affect the environment? Authors: Gregory Stock, Malcolm Gladwell, Azar Nafisi 5. How does context affect individual experiences? Authors: Gregory Stock, Malcolm Gladwell, Oliver Sacks 6. How could genetic choice technology change or affect human identity? Authors: Gregory Stock, Azar Nafisi, Oliver Sacks 7. Stock talks about genetics as a primary driving force behind who were are, while Gladwell and Faludi are primarily concerned with behavior. Which is more important for human nature? Authors: Gregory stock, Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Faludi...
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Final+Exam+Study+Questoins - affect the environment?...

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