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Expos Midterm Exam: March 3, 2011 Exam Format For the midterm exam, students will write an in-class essay during 1 class period (80 minutes). The Midterm Exam will ask students to connect the first three readings of the course: Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Power of Context,” Susan Faludi’s “The Naked Citadel,” and Azar Nafisi’s “Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran .” Students will not see the essay question in advance Students may use The New Humanity Reader and a personal dictionary during the exam. They may not use any other notes or sheets of paper. Expectations The midterm is graded pass/fail. A passing exam will do all the things a C level paper will do in Expos: have an emerging project, make some valid connections between texts, demonstrate reading comprehension, and create a coherent relationship between paragraphs. A passing exam will have control over significant sentence-level errors that impede meaning. There is no required exam length. Students cannot be expected to draft five full pages
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