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Expos+Syllabus+S11+-+Revised - E xpository Writing Syllabus...

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Expository Writing : Syllabus Course No.: 01:355:101:AN Instructor: Lauren Kimball Time & Place: Mon. and Thurs. 9:50 – 11:10am Email: [email protected] Frelinghuysen Hall Rm. B5 Office Hours: Mon. 11:20 –12:20pm College Avenue Campus Student Activity Center COURSE DESCRIPTION Expository Writing is the required writing course for all students at Rutgers University. Through active reading and guided writing, students will gain the critical thinking skills that will enable them to make independent claims about some of the most complex and pressing issues of our time. Expository Writing aims to equip Rutgers students with the transferrable skills that will allow them to communicate their ideas to the world with confidence and clarity, no matter what field they pursue. Please visit the Online Course Page http://wp.rutgers.edu/courses/55-355101 and the Class Sakai Site for more information As an introduction to the class, we strongly encourage all students to watch “The Expos Five,” a short video documentary that follows the experiences of five first year students in Expository Writing. View the video here: http://vimeo.com/expos REQUIRED TEXTS AND MATERIALS Miller and Spellmeyer, The New Humanities Reader , 3 rd Edition Kirszner and Mandell, The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook , 4 th Edition 1 folder with pockets for keeping all written work Access to the class Sakai site (use your Rutgers NetID and password to sign in) EXPECTATIONS All students are expected to carefully read the assigned texts in preparation for class discussion on the day that the reading is assigned. It is expected that students will attend every class unless they are sick, and that they will participate actively in class. (Please see “Attendance Policy” below for the rule on absences.) Active participation entails regularly visiting the class Sakai site to read announcements, download assignments, and turn in papers. In order to pass this course, all assigned work must be complete and handed in on time. 1 Expository Writing Syllabus
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GRADED WORK 1 Close Reading Assignment based on the first reading, 2-3 typed pages 5 essays, a minimum of 5 FULL typed pages each 5 rough drafts, a minimum of 4 FULL typed pages each 1 Midterm Exam (in-class essay format, graded P/F) 1 Final Exam (in-class essay format, graded P/F) **You must pass the Final Exam to pass the course 1 Folder containing all written work 3 Oral Presentations, 3-5 minutes each.
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