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NAME AGE SEX ETHNICITY GPA DEGREE/SCHOOL LSAT BACKGROUND Steven Klasen 21 M Caucasian English/German 3.9 BA, Political Science. Yale 166 Entering immediately after college. Father-Lawyer. Grandfather-Judge. Financially supported by parents. Venora Washington 40 F African- American 3.8 BA, History. University of Georgia 150 Has worked since age 13. Is a widow with four kids. Ten years for BA. All adult life was community organizer in rural Georgia. Wants to practice poverty law. Melani Gerard 30 F Caucasian French 3.7 BA/MA, Psychology. University of Virginia 154 Worked five years in mental health hospital. Father died while in college; she is sole support for mother. Wants to practice mental health law. Audrey Wang 22 F Asian-American 3.8 BS, Political Science. UC- Berkeley 170
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Unformatted text preview: Raised in Chinatown; parents own restaurant in San Francisco. Has four siblings. First to attend graduate school. Wants to work for large firm. Eliana Gomez 28 F Chicana 4 BA, Political Science. University of New Mexico 159 Experience as drug abuse counselor, and labor law internship. Wants to practice labor law for the United Farm Workers of America (UFW). Aidan O'Connor 25 M Caucasian Irish 3.5 BS/MS, Environmental Science. University of Vermont 160 Working class background. Worked through college. Wants to practice environmental law. Jamel Jones 25 M African-American 3.4 BA, Economics. Dartmouth 157 "Cosby kid," mother-doctor, father-lawyer. Parents have supported him. Wants to work for the Federal Communications Commission. Spent one year in Europe after graduation....
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