VLSI_Class_Notes_2_2010 - EEL 5322, Notes #2 W.R.Eisenstadt...

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Unformatted text preview: EEL 5322, Notes #2 W.R.Eisenstadt - 1 - VLSI Class Notes Fall 2010, Class 2 Reading for Monday, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 Jaeger. Homework #1, Due Monday, August 30, 2010. Problem #1 , Given the table of NMOS threshold voltages for measured 250nm devices below find the V T mean, standard deviation, variance, and model the data as a Gaussian function. Find the probability that the threshold voltages will be between 710mV and 690 mV assuming a random Gaussian distribution. The top row shows V T in mV and the bottom row show the frequency of measured occurrence for 1014 samples. 686 688 690 692 694 696 698 700 702 704 706 708 710 712 714 0 5 10 22 54 81 152 163 169 148 94 67 32 11 6 Problem #2 This is a problem that will take some thought to work through.. I will discuss the ideas as my first discussion item in Lecture 2. I will also review simple CMOS circuit design (Inverter, NAND, NOR) in this discussion on the board. The threshold voltage, V t is a key parameter in virtually every aspect of VLSI circuit performance. Keeping the V t constant across the IC is key to designing high performance and highly manufacturable digital circuits. Analog and microwave circuits require very accurate threshold matching between transistors to work well. a) Consider a 22 nm technology. In that 22 nm technology, an ion implanter sweeps threshold adjustment dopant atoms into the top of a substrate to create transistors at a total dose of 1.2 x 10 14 atoms/cm 2 . These dopant atoms for threshold adjustment make the transistor have the proper threshold in the VLSI circuit. If a minimal size transistor is 22 nm gate length and 66 nm gate width and assuming all the dopant in the implant goes into the transistor volume how many dopant atoms do you expect under the transistor gate controlling the transistor threshold? controlling the transistor threshold?...
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VLSI_Class_Notes_2_2010 - EEL 5322, Notes #2 W.R.Eisenstadt...

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