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EEL 5322 W.R.Eisenstadt - 1 - VLSI Class Notes Fall 2010, Class 7 Homework #6, Due Wednesday September 15, 2010. Hand into Krishna in class or send in scanned homework. 1) Problem 3.4 in Jaeger. 2 ) If you make a second oxidation under the conditions in Problem 3.4 Jaeger and the furnace is 20 o C too cool (20 o C less that 1150 o C) what will be the difference in dimensions of the oxide thickness for the oxidation times you calculated in Problem 3.4. 3 ) Problem 3.11 in Jaeger. Lecture discussion : Thermal Oxidation There are two types of oxide available in silicon IC processing. Deposited oxide , SiO 2 is used for lower temperature processing, and generally as a dielectric between interconnect metal layers. Deposited oxide can be used in various semiconductor technologies. We will talk about this and future lectures. Thermal oxidation of silicon to make, SiO 2 is a key step in silicon IC technology. It allows the MOSFET transistor process engineer to form a passivated silicon surface below a SiO 2 gate oxide. This passivated surface has a very small number of interface states and traps which allows great carrier conduction between sourcing drain regions of the MOSFET transistor. The properties of thermal SiO 2 are probably one of the most important characteristics which made silicon technology so successful over GaAs and other technologies. How do we perform thermal oxidation? Heat the silicon wafers and expose the wafers to an ambient flowing gas of containing oxygen species. For example, O 2 or H 2 O. The system we used for performing thermal oxidation is physically extremely similar to a
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VLSI_Class_Notes_7_2010 - EEL 5322 W.R.Eisenstadt-1 VLSI...

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