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Gannon 1 Wyn Gannon Dr. Tracy Miller Argumentative Writing 1020 April 20, 2008 Why are Bad Boys so Good? Have you ever seen a good girl leave her secure, caring boyfriend for a guy who could care less about her? Have you ever tried to convince a girlfriend that the guy she is dating is a complete jerk, yet she dates him anyway? Have you ever been that guy that got left or that girl who is constantly getting an earful from her friends? There are a couple of timeless sayings that sum up this phenomenon: “Nice guys finish last” and, “Good girls prefer bad boys .” You’ve seen it on television shows, you’ve seen it in Hollywood—when Britney Spears left her boyfriend Justin Timberlake for bad boy Kevin Federline—and you’ve seen it at home with your friends. Not all girls are going to go for the bad boy , though. We are talking about people and that is never an exact science. In fact, out of 750 teens surveyed across America, only thirty percent admitted to preferring bad boys ( ). However, the key word in that statement was “admitted.” I believe that a majority of women have an attraction to men with the bad boy persona. I argue that this attraction is due to something deeper than looks and confidence (though they have something to do with it); it stems from sociological and instinctual influences that have been present for centuries. Society—past and present—has influenced the way women perceive a bad boy . Because it has been part of their world since they were born, some girls may not be able to explain this attraction. It is not mental; at this point, it has become instinctual. This instinct is
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Gannon 2 to seek out a dominant male, to nurture him, and finally to procreate with a genetically superior partner. It is biological just as much as it is sociological. To clarify, the bad boy persona is a stereotype, but it holds plenty of truth. The bad boy stereotype defines a strong, rebellious, and usually attractive male. He is independent and individualistic to the point that it becomes selfish.
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