Essay 1 - Wyn Gannon Professor Wilt Literature and its...

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Wyn Gannon Professor Wilt September 27, 2008 Literature and its Relation to Real Life (option iii) Literature, for the most part, has always contained human aspects and human themes. This is because as long as literature has existed, it has been written by humans; humans who have their own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. This is why there are many pieces of literature the audience can relate to. I share some thoughts and emotions with characters from three texts. The characters are the prophet Pigeon from Pigeon , the narrator from Those Winter Sundays , and the character who leaves the cave in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave . All of these texts remind me of something I’ve encountered or something I felt. In Pigeon , the main character’s name is Pigeon. Pigeon was asked by God to fulfill a task, and he did not obey. Pigeon ran as far and as fast as he could in the other direction; however, as the story progressed a reoccurring theme appeared: the further Pigeon ran from Yahweh, the further down he went. “As for Pigeon, he had gone down, into the boat’s lowest part, and sunk into a deep sleep.” He continued so far down that he was eventually thrown into the ocean and swallowed by a big fish. In the end Pigeon goes to Nineveh to preach what Yahweh had commanded. Then Pigeon goes to the wilderness where Yahweh once again tests his faith and corrects his selfishness Being a Christian, this text is familiar, and it seems to always describe my relationship with God. He very seldom asks things of me, but when He does I am just like Pigeon. I run and do everything I can to keep from having to answer his call. Maybe it is because of fear or because of pride, but either way I run. Also like Pigeon, I fall further and further from heaven the more I try to run from God. No matter how fast I run, He always catches me and brings me back beaten and broken. He also shows me my flaws so that I can strive to correct them.
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Essay 1 - Wyn Gannon Professor Wilt Literature and its...

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