Essay 3 - Wyn Gannon The Experience of Literature November...

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Wyn Gannon The Experience of Literature November 29, 2008 March: Religion vs. Institutionalized Viewpoints In March , there is a battle between religion and an institutionalized viewpoint, slavery. In some cases, religion proves to reprimand slavery such as in Mr. March’s abolitionist struggle. March is an abolitionist as well as a preacher, this leads to an overwhelming use of religious vocabulary throughout the story. Words such as grace, mercy, prophecy, prayers, and evil are used as normal language. Also there is an abundance of biblical allusions such as that of, “loaves and fish” mentioned by March as he conversed with Mr. Canning about the financial problems at Oak Landing (Brooks 111). In other cases, the religious followers receive slavery as acceptable because they have been exposed to this practice through a society that has accepted it. This is best represented in the scene where March participates in a bible study that is taking place in close proximity to a slave auction. Therefore, this battle is represented in scenes as well as characters. There is a constant battle that occurs between religion and slavery in this novel that is portrayed in two different ways of dealing with it; these are to fight slavery because of religion and conscience and the other is to turn a blind eye to it because it has been ingrained into society. In one scene in the beginning of the story, March goes to participate in a bible study. The
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Essay 3 - Wyn Gannon The Experience of Literature November...

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