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Wyn Gannon Professor McClure-Wade September 5, 2007 Expository Writing Short Writing Assignment Pg. 55 1. The function of the story at the beginning of this reading is to grab the reader’s attention. The story achieves that objective by introducing humor in the form of the Keebler Elves. On a much deeper level, the speaker is also preparing the reader for his or her rude awakening into a world that he or she may have not recognized before. Lasn, through this introductive story, is simply saying, “Wake up and grab a hold of reality!” He does this to keep his audience prepared for the information that he is about to present to them. This story evokes many different feelings, but very few of them are positive feelings. This story stirs up feelings such as disappointment, depression, loneliness and desperation. Especially the last three paragraphs that talk about the endless, hopeless cycle of buying things in search of contentment only to be completely disillusioned. This story does a good job of bringing the reader back down to earth and keeping him or her grounded while Lasn bears all the information. 2. The effect of all the products and brand names that Lasn includes in this article are used as proof to the reader that he and the reader are both part of world that is ruled by advertising, catchy slogans, and captivating commercials. Obviously, if the reader knew enough of the advertisements in the story, then he or she can better relate to
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the overall point that Lasn is trying to make. The speaker proves his point to the reader, therefore “awakening” him or her to that reality of sneaky advertisements. 3. Lasn describes cult as something that, “promises a kind of boundless contentment—punctuated by moments of bliss—but never quite deliver on that promise. They fill the void, but only with a different kind of void.”
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SWA4EXPWRT#1 - Wyn Gannon Professor McClure-Wade September...

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